a big moat

Isaac: My sixteen-year-old daughter is dating a Republican in her class named Chad.
Dana: Chad’s a sixteen-year-old Republican?
Isaac: That’s right.
Dana: I didn’t know sixteen-year-olds had party affiliations.
Isaac: Chad was just elected president of the Connecticut Young Black Republican Caucus. He has a 3.9 GPA, he is co-captain of the lacrosse team, he plays the french horn, and does volunteer work at a crisis hotline.
Dana: Sounds wonderful.
Isaac: Dana! Did you hear me? He’s a Republican?
Dana: A lot of folks are running in that direction these days, Isaac.
Isaac: Yeah? Well, I don’t want them sniffing around my women!
Dana: What’re you going to do?
Isaac: What any reasonable man would do. I’m calling a building contracter and installing a dungeon.
Isaac: What was I saying?
Dana: You were building a dungeon to incarcerate any Republican suitors.
Isaac: And a moat. A big moat.

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