Casey, white, single, recently divorced, slightly insecure

Dana: I need to talk to you.
Casey: There is a perception in the press, never clearer than in this article, that I’m not cool. Now, where do you think this perception comes from?
Dana: I think it comes from reality.
Casey: Hey, Isaac?
Isaac: Yeah?
Casey: You think I’m cool, right?
Isaac: Do I look like I’m in the mood to do this now?
Casey: Not really.
Isaac: Then let’s assume I’m not.
Casey: Ugh… How can I be cool again? I’m a newly divorced man, I’m young, I used to be cool, I need to be cool again. Help me… be cool again.
Dan: (pause) Well, first I would have to disabuse you of the notion that you were ever cool before.

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