roti ka shorba!

the friend I’ve been staying with in Berlin lives in a small community of trailer (bauwagen) owners who have arranged with some local supermarkets to get unsold vegetables and bread every day.

ingredients, waiting patiently on the tharra in front of the bauwagen
ingredients, waiting patiently on the tharra in front of the bauwagen

when I said that that was really amazing, she said yes, but sometimes the bread becomes really, really hard and that’s not fun. so I remembered my mother and khala talking about the tasty roti ka shorba that their mother used to make, and offered to make it for breakfast.

which is what we jut did and ate. In the end, I used a little too much cayenne pepper, but some yogurt solved that problem!

simple recipe: slice and fry onions, when they start to redden, add the chopped garlic, some cumin powder (I used a lot) and turmeric (just a pinch) and some salt according to taste. Let it fry a little more, then add in the tomatoes and whatever mix of spices you prefer or have available. I suppose one could even use herbs instead of, or in combination with a smaller quantity of, spices.

Add a little water if you see that the onions or tomatoes are beginning to stick to the bottom of the pan. Let this simmer for 5 to 10 minutes (depending on the quantity you’re preparing). In the meantime, dice the bread (roti). I also chopped up half a paprika. Add them to the shorba with some more water and let the whole thing simmer for another 10m. It’s done when you think it’s got the consistency you like 🙂

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