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55 bomb blasts in 50 days in Pakistan

2 days before Eid, my khaloo tells me that a bomb exploded in a train near Toba Tek Singh, the same evening I learn of… I don’t know, was it a bomb blast in a mosque? or firing on namazis? Shia mosque or Sunni?

how many jail breaks this summer? two, three?

a somewhat distant relative tells me of a brother who served in the ISI in Siachen and had to retire early after a tour of duty of one and a half years that left him mentally unfit for service. when she questioned her brother on their dismal record at apprehending terrorists, he complained that we had no idea with how much difficulty, playing with their lives, they collected proofs and detained suspects and then, either they got a call from on high telling them to release the suspects, or, conditions were created that allowed the detainees to break out. I had heard similar stories at the local level in Lahore, when police would arrest violent Jamiat members and get a call from Shahbaz Sharif telling them to release his misguided “munDay”, but this is another level entirely.

for some strange reason, I can’t get this incredible song out of my head: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VTgshnzVIdw

while Aamir Liaqat Ali Khan plumbs new depths of crassness and bigotry in the show that associates my name with his. Ecstasy.

“it’s a genuine classic love, serious feelings, romantic love”

Pakistan is now a more dangerous country for Muslims than India. The gods of war are smiling.

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