numbers & dates

it’s been 34 years since Bhutto was hanged, since the events in Khamosh Pani, since my birth.

in 1979, it had been 33 years since this conditional freedom was won, 8 since the Two-Nation Theory was conclusively proven to be a hollow lie.

17 August, 1988, around 5 PM. Special news bulletin on PTV. The usually jolly news anchor with the comfortable huge face cannot keep up the mask of professional detachment and tears appear as he announces that our beloved General Zia had been killed. I tell myself that this is a significant moment, that I too need to cry. After some coaxing, some tears appear. And then, they flow freely. Zia-ul-Haq, my hero, our great leader, was no more. I feel loss, even bereft: what does this mean? How will his loss be made up? Who will lead us now, be the new captain?


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