it’s…. well, to be honest, it’s kind of like having a dog…

“…you know, sometimes you don’t really want to care for it, but it’s there and you have to?”, she explains to me about her first contact with the person she considers her spiritual master.

what convinced her that he wasn’t fake – in addition to the fact that there was never any question of money changing hands – was that he burst out laughing when she said that. “But I don’t really want to look after you, but now you are here and I have to look after your soul and that’s just the way it is.”

When, from the description of her journey to his community in India, I guessed his religion, she explained that he doesn’t care to convert you to his religion. He’s only interested in helping you live a full inner life. So, when a woman stood up in one of the morning assemblies and asked him, “But what about the apocalypse and the second coming of Christ and the day of judgement and all that?”, he commented in his sing-song Indian accent, “Well, that will be quite a mess, now, won’t it?” My friend burst out laughing, she just couldn’t help herself.

I met her in the Zozoville gallery in Friedrichsain. I had to go back a few days later to get a few more prints and I was almost glad she wasn’t there. The silly part of me didn’t want to lose the randomness of the first meeting on a rainy afternoon in an otherwise empty shop.

She left her native Texas in 2003 when her country went to war on Iraq, couldn’t stand to pay taxes there anymore. Obviously, I was sold!

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