Egypt’s unanswered question – Ramzy Baroud

Even if Egypt’s self-proclaimed liberals and socialists are pretending otherwise, it is a class struggle and will remain as such regardless of the quickly unfolding events. “Egypt has well-ensconced pro-western elite, corrupt, extremely rich and as events over the past two years prove beyond a doubt, vicious and unprincipled,” wrote Eric Walberg.

Besides, what type of liberals are we discussing here anyway? Writing in Al Jazeera, Larbi Sadiki offers an answer: “Who are these Arab liberals? Who amongst them has one iota of Mill or Locke’s political creativity? They have an obsession with bombing Iran, bashing Islamists and being bedfellows with the enemies of democracy. It’s not their political rhetoric but their relationship with the generals of security forces and intelligence services that is cause for most concern. Instead of learning about constitutionalism or putting together theories about legal and democratic governance, they unfortunately seek satiation of their hedonism.”

The fight for Egypt’s future is not over. Not even the most optimistic can find a cause for sanguinity when bullets are flying that are aimed at heads and hearts. But as bloody as the last few weeks in Egypt have been, a sense of clarity finally prevailed. The January 25 revolt, as inspiring as it was, left numerous questions unanswered and presented the military with the temporary opportunity to break away from the Mubaraks and re-brand itself as the protector of the nation. But real equality and democracy proved too much for the military and the layers of corrupt political and economic elites it represents. Now, the rosy image of a peaceful revolution guided by its military to achieve a better tomorrow is over: The masks have all been lifted and the reality is much, much uglier than previously thought. Egypt’s real struggle for equality, freedom and political definition is just starting.

— Ramzy Baroud in, Egypt’s unanswered question.

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