tournée Omar

Omar, cineworx poster
Omar, cineworx poster

so, I ended up going round most of the less chic as well as some “established” food places around the city in a last-ditch attempt to get out as many posters of Omar as I could.

1. I ought to be making at least as much of an effort in my job search as I did for this film!!

2. There really are some really nice cafes and bars out there. Last Sunday, I discovered Le Café des Avenues, a little upscale, but it had a really nice, cosy and relaxed feel to it. Not tight, not pretentious. Today’s finds have got to be La Couronne de l’Or for its brilliant furniture and laid-back atmosphere, though not for its rather uptight waiters, the Brasserie de Malley, mainly because the proprietor was so helpful and clearly happy to put up the poster and this other restaurant in the general Malley area serving spécialités antillaises, Aux Reflets des Isles, with a really warm ambiance, whose waiter/barman was welcoming, interested and just alive in that way some people have. Of course, I didn’t actually stop to sample the menus on offer, just going by the feel of the places!

As I said to all the people who showed the slightest sign of interest, do try to watch it – or push for your film club to project it! In case the fact that it won some award at Cannes this year might help, well, you could cite that! If that doesn’t do it, you might mention that it’s from the same director who made Paradise Now eight years back. Or simply pass on the link to the trailer and let them decide:

The “avant-première” in Lausanne is at Pathé Les Galeries, on Monday the 7th of October with the director actually present! The general release in this part of the world is on the 16th of October.

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