revolutionary karma

Friday, it occurred to me that I couldn’t think of a single revolution that claimed to fight against tyranny that didn’t end up with a régime that was significantly authoritarian: the English Civil War, the French Revolution, the Russian, the Chinese, the Algerian, even the Cuban.

At the CUP stand on Saturday, during the usual discussions, the topic came up again – how revolution is so tricky,

CUP Vaud stand, Lausanne
Stand of the Collectif Urgence Palestine, Vaud at the Saturday market in Lausanne

esp. one supported by armed struggle.

In the evening, random conversation over dinner with my flatmate meandered into the same territory and he told me about a new sci-fi series he’s been watching called Continuum that really takes on this issue head on. Apparently, a cop from a 2077 dominated by some kind of global police state is sent back to 2012 to stop a group of activists, also from 2077, who have travelled back in time to stop the chain of events that led to the police state in the first place. It seems that the series scrupulously avoids taking any easy stance based on demagogy, on the ends trump means attitude or TINA.

Scrumptious 😀

also reminds me of my mate’s comment that the best way to reach people remains via mass media, a comment she made after watching some recent Pakistani serials that take on patriarchy, no holds barred.

maybe I should write all those novels after all!


** Update, 14 Oct., 2013: I got mixed up between the two sci-fi serials called Continuum, one an independently produced serial and the other broadcast on the Canadian Showcase network. It’s the latter that my flatmate had been talking about. Fixed the link above.

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