Pakistan’s “media revolution”, 11 years on

A fellow traveller, Ammar Aziz, sums up the craziness of the so-called independent media in Pakistan:

Express TV does shows which nastily insult people like Dr. Hoodhbhoy for ratings and then Express Tribune does stories condemning such shows for ratings. Geo TV promotes India-Pakistan peace via Aman ki Aasha while Geo Tez spreads typical anti-India hatred. Express Tribune stands for LGBT rights while Daily Express Urdu spreads homophobia. The News often gives space to progressive writers while Daily Jang is full of right-wing apologists. And they call this scenario media revolution in Pakistan?! They’ve indeed had a bitter childhood.

I’ve underlined the names of the English-language media outlets and marked the Urdu ones in bold.

And this is just one aspect of the class-divide, reflected through the language barrier, furthering the process of the secession of the elite from the rest of the population. Reminds me of a remark in an article I read yesterday about how “plurality” does not guarantee “pluralism”.

Corrigendum: Apologies to Ammar Aziz for mis-attributing the quote to Ale Natiq!

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