Long March? What Long March?

Message from a Baloch woman:
Message from a Baloch woman: “Stop kill and dump policy in Balochistan. VBMP. Long March.”

I logged on to Facebook today and was fortunate enough to notice this reminder from Mir Muhammad Ali Talpur to friends in Karachi:

Vigil in support of Voice of Baloch Missing Persons’ Long March
Venue: Karachi Press Club.
Date- Today 21st November
Time: 5 PM
Please attend to show support.

It seems that about 20 families of the victims of the torture, kill and dump policy of Pakistan’s security establishment have walked more than 700 km from Quetta to Karachi to bring this terrible injustice to the attention of Pakistanis at large. They have been helped along the way only by villagers, attacked by a man in a car who tried to run them over three times before he was stopped by villagers, and have constantly received threats on their cell phones. Some footage from the 19th day of the march:

All the while, the courageous, trailblazing, independent Pakistani media has blithely refused to acknowledge their epic journey and the shame it represents for the myth called the “national conscience”.

Further reading:

  1. Concise report from the AHRC
  2. Kiran Nazish’s fuller report in The Diplomat


Update: It seems that, on the 19th, Dawn did have the decency to file a tiny report on the march.

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