so now, somewhere in the archives of le Saxo is a video of an improbable group of karaoke singers: three Ticineses (?) and a Pakistani earnestly singing a milestone of Italian-language pop.

I can barely put together a sentence in Italian, so I just held the mike, solicitously provided by the sound guy, away from my mouth. I mean, even with the lyrics appearing tele-prompter style on the screen in front of us, I just didn’t know how most of the words were to be pronounced, nor even the damn tune!

Yet, or because of the total absurdity of it, it was just so much fun – an indulgent return to silliness and childhood 🙂

Later, we got all wound up to sing Queen’s Under Pressure, but there were too many people already on the list for us to get a second go at it. At 2 AM, they threw us all out, but not before one of the regulars came around for a friendly word with “les petits” as he called us. Pointing to the wall covered with drag queens posing with classic cars and motorcycles, he proudly told us about the soirĂ©es drag he used to organise back in the day, which had eventually led to the weekly karaoke evenings. He seemed surprised that we all lived in Lausanne – that it was the first time he’d seen us there! He was sort of the icing on the cake: the friendly old gent welcoming the kids to a surprisingly friendly scene with a great vibe.

In case you want to go: it’s opposite from what used to be le Standard and is now QWERTZ, both of which are opposite from the Lausanne Conservatory, sort of downhill from St. François. The bar is open to women only on Saturdays – for the karaoke – and it’s generally a good idea to arrive by 11 PM if you want to get your fill of singing – *and* catch some pretty decent renditions by the regulars!

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