ignore the politics

thinking about the reactions to the military operation, I can’t help thinking that the difference between those in support and those against, comes down to a difference in youth, or hope, or perhaps mental age.
those in support have given up all hope that there is any other way of addressing the problem of religious militancy – to use their own words, their own framework.
those against, quite apart from questioning the framework of those in support, are far from convinced that all non-military avenues have been exhausted.
Somehow, all this reminds me of this line from the film Troy:
Odysseus: [to Achilles] “War is young men dying and old men talking. You know this. Ignore the politics.”
The old men are telling us, yet again, to ignore the politics, that is, the real arena of power and decision-making, and to blindly follow their orders. And this is true of the old men and women on all sides, Pak Army, pro-operation politicians and power brokers, heads of state-sponsored militant outfits, TTP leaders. Apparently, something like 300 million USD in military funding is at stake here.
A few thousand lives, Pakistani or otherwise, Pak Army or civilian, Punjabi or Pashtun or “tribal” or Gilgiti or Balti or Urdu-speaking or Seraiki simply can’t compete with that amount of money in the eyes of these decision-makers.
So, it seems the mentality of the army top brass continues to be what Maj. Gen Akbar Khan heard repeatedly in the conversations in Army General Headquarters in Rawalpindi in the 1950s: “Pakistan is like a beautiful woman who must sell herself to the highest bidder.” (see, Akbar Khan’s “Raiders in Kashmir”, Karachi, 1970)
If anyone was still in doubt after the 2009 Swat operation, this phoney war is an end in itself.

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